Instructions for Students to Grant Access

You may grant your parents, guardians or other users online access to make a payment, view your account activity, and/or view your Financial Aid information. To protect your privacy, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires us to obtain student permission before sharing your educational records.

Please follow the steps below to grant access.

  1. Sign in to Hornet HQ self-service directly or by going to the Hornet Hive student portal and selecting “Hornet HQ” from the Resources list.
  2. Enter your User Name and Password then select the “Sign In” button
  3. Select the “User Options” menu item (indicated by icon) located on the left navigation menu.
  4. Select “View/Add Proxy Access”
  5. Under the “Add a Proxy” section, select the drop down under “Select a Proxy”
  6. Selecting your Proxy:
    • If the person is listed in the drop down box:
      1. Select the person
      2. Double check that the email address listed for that person is correct. If the email address listed for that person is incorrect, follow the directions below under adding and changing proxy contact information
      3. Select the access you wish to grant to your proxy.
      4. Read the Disclosure Agreement
      5. Check the box to indicate your authorization
      6. Click the save button
    • If you do not see the person listed:

Adding and Changing Proxy Contact Information

To add or change a student’s proxy or parent contact information the STUDENT must contact the Registrar’s Office by either completing the Change My Parent/Proxy Contact Information or via phone at 269.337.7204 or email at:

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