Office Printing and Copying


We are in the process of updating our shared networked printer fleet across campus. Please stay tuned for more information. If you have questions in the meantime, please contact the Help Desk (

New Canon printer/copiers are available in several office areas. Faculty and staff with a Kalamazoo College network account can print to these from desktop or wireless-enabled devices. The new printers can be printed to directly or with the new Find-Me printing feature for secure release.

  • Admissions 2nd Floor
  • Anderson Athletics
  • Arcus Center
  • Dewing 1st Floor
  • Fine Arts Lobby/Kitchen
  • Hicks Student Center HC
  • Mandelle 1st Floor
  • Mandelle 2nd Floor, Business Office
  • Mandelle 2nd Floor, Provost Office
  • Mandelle 3rd Floor T. Baker
  • Mandelle 3rd Floor D. Beougher
  • Upjohn Library 2nd Floor

Additional office area printers will be replaced with new Canon printers. Please refer to our announcements on printing and the Hornet Hive for schedule and updates.

The College has contracted with Applied Innovations for maintenance and repair services for IS supplied departmental network printers. If your department’s network Canon printer is experiencing problems, please contact the 800 number on the printer. If Applied Innovations are unable to resolve the problem, then email For service on IS-supplied non-Canon printers, please email

Printer Cartridges and Toner

Departments with the new Canon printers do not have to worry about ordering new cartridges. The new devices communicate with Applied Innovations and cartridges will be automatically ordered for you.

Personal/Desktop Office Printers

Support for and purchases of personal/desktop printers for faculty and staff will be phased out over time. For existing printers, please contact for support.