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What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a virtual space where you can chat, meet, audio/video call, and collaborate with others from a distance. All Kalamazoo College faculty, staff, and students have access to Microsoft Teams. Teams is not to be confused with Sharepoint Team Sites.

How to Use Teams

Watch the Microsoft Teams Tour on the IS Tech Talk channel and the Welcome to Microsoft Teams video from Office Support to understand how Teams can be useful to you and your department or class.

Note: that at this time Information Services does not have the Calendar function available as shown in the video published by Microsoft.

Faculty Use

At this time Faculty are encouraged to use chat, audio and video calls, screen sharing, and file sharing through Teams and discouraged from using the assignments and rubric features of Teams.

Student Use

For specifics on how to use Teams for your courses please connect with your professor.

Understanding Teams

Please refer to the Microsoft Documentation below to better understand Teams. Additionally, please keep in mind that Kalamazoo College may not have full access to certain add-ons mentioned in some of Microsoft’s videos.

  • Overview of Teams and Channels – One of the most important reminders we can give is that you may create channels within your Team. Before adding a Team please first decide if a channel can and should be created instead.
  • Set Up and Customize Your Team – This section within the Microsoft Teams Video Training offers more information for getting a team started and additional customization.
  • Manage Notifications in Teams – Do you simply want to turn off notifications for a channel? Maybe you’re interested in managing notifications across multiple devices? This section provides a helpful guide on managing notifications whether you’re using the Desktop iOS or Android version of Teams.
  • Collaborate in Teams – Want to know how to chat or video message? How about receive notifications? This section provides all of those details and more!
  • Invite a Guest to your Team – This section shows how you can add people outside of K College to participate in your Team
  • Start a call from a chat in Teams – Refer to this simple documentation to learn to conduct a simple video or audio call with someone from Kalamazoo College.
  • Videoconferencing/Meetings – Refer to our videoconferencing page for more specific documentation such as sharing your screen during a meeting, move around during a Teams meeting, and more!

Visit the Microsoft Teams Quick Start page for the entire series of Teams documentation.

Tips on Using Teams

Microsoft Teams has a ton of features that make communicating much easier. Refer to Tips on Using Teams page to make your Teams experience more organized, streamlined, and fun!

Having Trouble with Teams?

Faculty and Staff can submit a Teams support request to the Help Desk: please fill out the Microsoft Teams Support form.

Getting Teams on Your Devices

There are multiple ways to access Teams, feel free to choose the best method that works for you! You’ll just need to use your Kalamazoo College email ( and then enter your password to get logged in.


Visit Microsoft Teams Downloads to select the exact download that you want for your desktop

Any Device

Do you need to access Teams on a device other than your own? Use Teams on the Web! Please read further if you are using a device issued by the College.

Are you using a device issued by the College?

If you are using a Kalamazoo College device such as a laptop, desktop, or tablet and you would like to install the application you may have additional steps such as administrative permissions than those previously listed. If you need additional support be sure to contact the Help Desk at or call 269.337.5800. Also keep in mind that you can use Teams on the web in the meantime!

What Information Services Supports

What we Support

  • Adding a Team
  • Chat
  • Audio Calls
  • Video Calls
  • Files
  • Screen sharing
  • Stream
  • Guest access

Unavailable at this Time

  • Link to Microsoft Exchange
  • Calendar integration
  • Voicemail

If you are interested in using additional features of Microsoft Teams, please contact