Personal Computing

Assistive Technologies

  • Resources for the Visually Impaired
  • Resources for the Hearing Impaired


  • Outlook Calendar
  • Subscribing to and Importing Calendars
  • Distribution Lists?

Computer Purchasing

  • Computer Purchasing Policy
  • Laptop Purchases
  • Computers and Grant Proposals
  • Student Computer Buying Guide

Computer Support and Repair

  • Help Desk
  • Student Computer Consultants
  • Computer Support and Repair Hours
  • Faculty and Staff Computers

File Storage

  • Faculty and Staff File Storage
  • Student File Storage
  • File Recovery
  • Class Shares

Office 365

  • Logging into Office 365
  • How to Use Office 365
  • Available Office 365 Apps

Remote Access

  • How to Receive VPN Access
  • Create a VPN Token
  • Installing the OpenVPN Connect Client
  • Connecting to OpenVPN on Windows
  • Connecting to OpenVPN on Mac

Supported Software

  • College Installed and Supported Software
  • Common Software Installed Upon Request

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