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Proxy access allows a user to give someone else (usually a parent or guardian) limited access to designated portions of their records. Proxies can optionally also make payments to a student’s account on the student’s behalf. The proxy accesses these records through the Kalamazoo College’s web-based Self-Service system, Hornet HQ. Please note that the student has the right to rescind access granted at any time.

Instructions for Proxies

Initial Login

When a student designates a proxy for their account at Kalamazoo College, the proxy will receive an email notifying them of their access and telling them their username. The proxy will receive a second email that contains their temporary password, unless that person already had access to a Kalamazoo College account.

If proxy does not receive an email, their email address may be incorrect and the student would need to update the e-mail address with the Registrar’s Office by calling 269.337.7204 or emailing

Proxies can sign in to Hornet HQ using the username and password they received via e-mail, or if they already had a Kalamazoo College account, using their regular network username and password.

Note: The initial password sent to a proxy is a single-use temporary password and the proxy will be prompted to create a new password. The new password should be recorded. The single-use password sent in email will not work after the proxy has set a new permanent password. If the proxy has forgotten their permanent password, they can request a proxy password reset to receive another temporary password.

Returning Proxy – Login Instruction

Each time the proxy signs in, they will need to select the name of the student when the Person Proxy box appears. This box is labeled “Person Proxy Welcome to Hornet HQ! Select the person’s account you want to view:” After choosing the student’s name select “Continue.”

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Resetting a Forgotten Proxy Password

Proxies who have forgotten their password can request a proxy password reset by completing the form.

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Changing Proxy Contact Information

To change a student’s proxy or parent contact information the STUDENT must contact the Registrar’s Office by either completing the Change My Parent/Proxy Contact Information or via phone at 269.337.7204 or email at:

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Help When Signing Into Hornet HQ

For help with signing in to Hornet HQ, please contact the Kalamazoo College Help Desk at or call 269.337.5800. Please note the Help desk hours are Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. and hours are reduced during breaks.

For security reasons, please provide the following information as it is on file and allow 24 hours for response:

  • your full name
  • your email
  • your phone #
  • student’s full name

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Contact Information for Other Proxy Questions

For questions that are beyond logon/access issues please contact the following departments:

  • Student Billing – For student billing questions email or call 269.337.7226.
  • Financial Aid – For financial aid questions email or call 269.337.7192.

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Instructions for Students – Granting Proxy Access

For information on how students may grant parents, guardians, or other users online access to make a payment, visit the Instructions for Students to Grant Access page.

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