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Announcement System Help

The campus announcement system was designed to increase the effectiveness of all-campus communications. These announcements are distributed to College faculty, staff, and students through email and posted our campus portal, the Hornet Hive.

The steps for submitting an announcement will vary depending on the type of announcement that you wish to submit (informative/news item, calendar event, or classified).

Posting Announcements

Informative announcements are sent via email and appear on the Hornet Hive, subject to approval.

Faculty and Staff Announcements

Student Announcements

When emailing an announcement, please place your announcement title in the subject line of the email.

If your announcement refers to an event, please make sure your event has been placed on the master calendar before submitting your announcement. Your announcement may be rejected if it is better suited as a calendar entry.

Posting an Event

Campus master calendar events are aggregated from department, committee, and organization calendars. Currently the only types of calendar we aggregate are Reason and Presence calendars. Please contribute your event to the master calendar by submitting via the Event Creation form on an appropriate Reason site. Make sure the “Sharing” option is set to “Shared” to appear on the master calendar.

For best impact, take advantage of the opportunity to assign a master category and add a link, a description, and a thumbnail image.

If you are not the editor of your Reason site, please contact your editor to post your event. The name of each site’s editor is listed at the bottom right of the site pages.

A weekly newsletter of upcoming events is emailed to all students, faculty and staff. In the future, there will be a way to opt-out of the newsletter, but currently there is not.

Posting an Item for Sale, Lost, or Found

Items for sale, lost or found should be posted on the Classifieds list. This list can be found be following the Resources link in the left column of the Hornet Hive portal. New items can be added via the ribbon above the list. On the items tab, select New Item and complete the form. Classifieds are approved daily.

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