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Announcement System Help

The campus announcement system was designed to increase the effectiveness of all-campus communications. These announcements are distributed to College faculty, staff, and students through email and posted our campus communication hub, the Hornet Hive.

The steps for submitting an announcement will vary depending on the type of announcement that you wish to submit (important information, news item, or calendar event.)

Posting Announcements

Announcements that get emailed to Faculty, Staff, and/or Students must go through an approval process. After filling out this form, the announcement will be reviewed with a process that prioritizes relevance to a large portion of the chosen audience(s). If approved, it will be sent out as an email to the chosen audience(s) and also appear on this site.

If your announcement refers to an event, please make sure your event has been placed on the master calendar before submitting your announcement. Your announcement may be rejected if it is better suited as a calendar entry.

Posting an Event

Campus events can be submitted via this form. Upon approval, the event will appear on the Hornet Hive Event Calendar.


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