Assistive Technologies

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Kalamazoo College uses assistive technologies to help disabled students and staff access resources in classrooms and in the Library.

Resources for the Visually Impaired:

  • Enlargement of Text – There are two Optelec Clear View 300 document stations located in the Upjohn Library Media Viewing rooms A(212) and B(217). They can be moved to classrooms as needed.
  • Enlargement technology for Laboratory Experiments – There are document cameras from Sony and Elmo that attach to 27-inch monitors for laboratory experiments. This allows a student to zoom in or out on an object and focus to their liking.

Resources for the Hearing Impaired:

  • Closed Captioning – All television monitors mounted in classrooms have closed captioning capabilities. Additionally, several mounted Data projectors in classrooms also have closed captioning capabilities.

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