Wireless Access

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K Wireless Networks


For Students, Faculty, and Staff

Use on all devices requiring basic internet access.


For Faculty, Staff, and Students

Only used if requiring privileged access to on-campus systems.


Everyone including visitors

An unsecured network available to use for guests and in troubleshooting. Simply choose KCollegeOpen from available networks on your device

Wireless Locations

Residence Halls

Wireless access is available in the following Residence Halls:

  • 114 Catherine Street
  • 116 Catherine Street
  • Crissey Hall
  • DeWaters Hall
  • Grove Houses
  • Harmon Hall
  • Hoben Hall
  • Severn Hall
  • Trowbridge Hall


Wireless access is available in the following buildings:

  • Admission Center
  • Anderson Athletic Center Gymnasium
  • Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership
  • Athletics Field buildings
  • Carriage House
  • Dewing Hall
  • Dow Science Center
  • Fitness and Wellness Center
  • Hicks Center
  • Hodge House
  • Humphrey House
  • Light Fine Arts
  • Olmsted Room
  • Oldfield (Facilities Management)
  • Olds-Upton Hall
  • Upjohn Library Commons

Additional Areas

Additional Wi-Fi coverage is located:

  • between the Light Fine Arts building and the corner of Academy and Thompson
  • on the Academy Street side of Dewing
  • in the Upper Quad between Stetson, Dewing, DeWaters and Trowbridge Halls.

Note: Wireless network service is not available in parts of the Chapel outside the Cavern, nor in parts of Mandelle outside the Olmsted room and first-floor conference room.

Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing difficulties with accessing the College Wi-Fi please follow the steps that apply to you. If you have tried the steps without success, please complete the Wi-Fi Outage Reporting Form.

Troubleshooting Tips