3D Printing

The "Cute Octopus" from Makerbot.

MakerBot 5th Edition 3D Printers are available in our Learning Commons as well as at the Raymond H. & Robert H. Borkenhagen Center for New Media Design.

Who Can Use the 3D Printer?

Current students, faculty, and staff with a Kalamazoo College network account can use the 3D printer. Direct printing requests to Josh Moon, Educational Technology Specialist via email at Josh.Moon@kzoo.edu or visit the Center for New Media Design. If you are a faculty member interested in building a 3D printing activity into your course, we are happy to collaborate on ideas across the curriculum.

What is the cost for 3D printing?

3D printing at Kalamazoo College is available at no cost for students, faculty, and staff to expand access and foster experimentation. Information Services reserves the right to limit the size/number of prints for individual use and prioritize academic projects in the printing queue.

Need Ideas?

The quickest way to find something to print is via the online repository Thingiverse. If you wish to create your own objects, there are many ways to begin working with 3D models. TinkerCAD is a versatile online program great for everyone from elementary students to creative adults. A more clay-like experience is available online from SculptGL. For a more advanced, professional design environment, users are invited to work with the software Blender available on campus computers.

3D Printing Questions, Ideas, or Problems?

Contact Josh Moon, Educational Technology Specialist, at 269.337.7415 or Josh.Moon@kzoo.edu.