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Videoconferencing Services

Information Services primarily offers support for two videoconferencing platforms: Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Microsoft Teams

All Kalamazoo College faculty, students, and staff have access to Microsoft Teams, which provides videoconferencing, chat, file sharing, and more.

Microsoft Teams has built-in video calling functionality, for one-to-one and group calls. IS is in the process of rolling out more features of Teams to the campus community. In the meantime, please refer to the specific documentation below for further directions on conducting video calls.

  • Start a call from a Chat in Teams – a guide to make a simple audio or video call.
  • Scheduling a meeting – If you need to schedule a meeting, set up a Channel on your Team labeled “Meetings.” This will then become the consistent site to begin Calls and the online meeting spot. To invite people to your meeting simply set up a regular calendar meeting on outlook (don’t use the Teams option) and for location add the link to your meeting channel.
  • Show your screen during a meeting – Watch this quick video on how to share your screen while video chatting with others.
  • Show PowerPoint slides – More information on how to show PowerPoint slides while in a video chat whether you are the presenter or a meeting participant.
  • Move around during a Teams meeting – Here is a simple guide on how to keep working even while you are in a meeting.


A number of security concerns with Zoom have recently been identified, and we recommend that K’s implementation of Microsoft Teams be used rather than Zoom whenever it is possible. If Zoom is used, please consider implementing these tips to keep uninvited guests out.

Only a limited number of Zoom licenses are available to Kalamazoo College faculty and staff; however, a dedicated Zoom account is not required to have a Zoom meeting; you can use a shared Media Services account. In the event that faculty or staff would like to use Zoom, they should request a link from Media Services that can be used and shared with meeting participants.

Faculty and staff needing a dedicated Zoom license to support ongoing needs for Zoom videoconferencing, should contact Media Services and include an account number to charge the ongoing licensing costs.

Equipment Needed

To use one of these services a computer should be equipped with:

  • An internal or external web video camera
  • A hands-free, echo-free computer audio system: we recommend a USB headset or speaker-phone
  • A high-speed Internet connection

Videoconferencing on Campus

Video conferencing works best as a one-to-one application. We can help a small team or classroom connect with an individual, but it can be difficult to see and hear large groups.

Current faculty and staff may organize a video conference, receive training, and reserve equipment. Students must reserve through a faculty or staff sponsor.

Reservations and Support

To schedule a Zoom meeting contact Media Services at or call 269.337.7138.