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What is the KSecure Network?

The KSecure network is intended for getting Staff and Faculty connected to college resources securely. We recommend using the Eduroam network for the majority of network connections.

If you are a member of Staff or Faculty and need to access file shares, print from a work laptop or have another need for the KSecure network, then please use the following steps to connect:

Connecting to KSecure

  1. “Forget” any other K networks you may have used (like KCollege, KCollegeStudents, or KCollegeOpen).
  2. Choose the KSecure network on your device, and enter your KNET ID followed by @knet.kzoo.edu (ex: k99zz01@knet.kzoo.edu or khornet@knet.kzoo.edu)
  3. Apple iOS (if prompted):
    • Trust a security certificate:
    • Security certificate is issued by Kalamazoo-College-Network-Cert-Authority
    • Host: wifi-security.kzoo.edu
  4. Android (if prompted):
    • Specify PEAP as the EAP method
    • Specify MSCHAPv2 as the Phase 2 authentication type.
    • “Identity” may be the username field.
    • Certificate: You may need to choose “do not validate”


Whenever your password changes you’ll need to reauthenticate to the network with your new password, likely in the same way you joined the network the first time.

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