Flipgrid Integration is Now Enabled on Microsoft Teams

Information Services has enabled Flipgrid integration for Microsoft Teams as a test of compatible third-party applications and to meet the needs of instructors who are already using this tool in their courses. At the moment our ability to support new adopters of Flipgrid is limited, but we hope this is beneficial to experienced instructors.

Using Flipgrid

Flipgrid can now be added as a Teams tab, and students can “Join with Microsoft” to use their Kalamazoo College login without registering separately for Flipgrid. Be aware that this automatically places users onto the recipient list for Flipgrid promotional emails, but these emails provide an option to “unsubscribe.” For information about getting started, please view Flipgrid’s Teams Integration Help Center Page.

Share Your Technology Needs

Flipgrid is a third-party application but is owned by Microsoft. Information Services agreed to open the availability of this tool after a review and vetting. In anticipation of Fall 2021, we will be studying this third-party integration through the rest of the academic year. We remind everyone that you are welcome to share with us your technology needs and interests by originating a request at our Help Desk. Please review the Information Technology Acquisition policy if you have any questions.