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What is the KCollegeOpen Network?

The KCollegeOpen is an insecure, unencrypted wireless network for use only as a last resort. We do not recommend using this network if it can be avoided. If you just need to get on the Internet and your device is relatively modern, we recommend using the eduroam network.

If you are a member of Staff or Faculty and need to access K resources like file shares or printers, use the KSecure network.

If you must connect to KCollegeOpen, please use the steps below.

Connecting to KCollegeOpen (not recommended)

  1. Understand that using insecure networks can be dangerous. Consider using eduroam or KSecure instead.
  2. Ensure your device has virus protection — this is a requirement of the KCollegeOpen network.
  3. Choose the KCollegeOpen network on your device
  4. Open a web browser (like Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and navigate to any page. If you are not automatically redirected to https://network.kzoo.edu/registration/ you may navigate there directly.
  5. Follow the prompts to register your device.

Please visit the Help Desk if you need further assistance.

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