Activating your KNET Network Account

Instructions for First-Year Students

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How to Activate your Account

Step 1: Find your KNET username, email and initial password

  • Deposited students will be notified in April or May when their KNET network accounts have been created.
  • Log on to your Applicant Status Page to retrieve your network username, email address and initial password. They will be displayed under the Welcome message.
  • You must change your password before using your account for email or secure campus websites.

Step 2: Change Your Password

  • Visit the Update Password page [link opens in new window]
  • In the first box, enter your long email address, e.g.
  • In the second box, enter the initial password provided to you on your Applicant Status Page. Note: this is different than the password you use to log into the Applicant Status Page!
  • Enter a new password in the third and fourth boxes. Password requirements: How to choose a good password.
  • Click submit; you should see the message “Your password is successfully updated.”

Step 3: Step into the Hive!

  • You may now log into secure campus resources such as your email mailbox, HornetHQ, Moodle, and Handshake, among many others.
  • Sometimes you will prompted to use your long email address ( as your logon, and sometimes your KNET username (k22zz01). It’s the same account, so with either logon you will use the same password you set in step 2.

Important Points

  • Use of your account signifies your agreement with our Acceptable Use Policies.
  • Keep your password private; you are responsible for all activity on your account.
  • Information Services will never ask you for your password or ask you to verify your account in any way.
  • The College’s Honor System and harassment policies apply to your computer usage.
  • You may not use your account to endorse political campaigns or for profit-making activities.
  • Peer-to-peer file sharing programs and other violations of copyright laws are prohibited.

Problems? Questions?

For any issues you may encounter with your KNET account please contact the Help Desk at the information listed below:

Phone: 269.337.5800