Sensitive Materials

Responsible Use of Sensitive Text or Electronic Material

Kalamazoo College selects resources in a variety of formats to support the educational mission of the College. In addition to these resources, the college provides unfiltered access to the Internet. When using the College’s resources or accessing Web sites in public places, students may encounter sensitive materials that have the potential to offend members of our community.

When viewing materials of this nature for academic purposes, please be responsible. To use sensitive materials responsibly entails that it not be used in ways that taunt, ridicule, demean, frighten or in other ways injure others. If someone is using sensitive materials for academic purposes within your viewing or hearing range, you have the right to ask that person(s) to use those materials in a way that will not interfere with your work.

Please contact the Chief Information Officer if you believe that your rights have been violated.

This policy pertains to individual uses of sensitive materials for academic purposes in public places (library, computer labs, etc.). For a more complete description of acceptable and prohibited uses of Kalamazoo College’s computer facilities, please see section III of the policy document – General Computing and Network Use Policies.