Ellucian Colleague ERP

Ellucian Colleague is our campus administrative system (these types of systems are also known as ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning systems). If your work requires access to Colleague and you do not have it, please have your division head or supervisor contact the Help Desk to request an account for you.


For users of the ERP system, the best place to find documentation and other information about the system is the Colleague Users SharePoint Site.

The site includes documentation about processes and procedures used at Kalamazoo College, announcements relating to the ERP system, information about upcoming software updates, discussion board for posting questions, and meeting minutes for several ERP teams.

Another source for documentation is the client site of our administrative system vendor, Ellucian. If you do not have a login on the client site, you can get one by filling out the form to request an Ellucian Hub account.

Once you have a login for the client site, in addition to being able to access documentation through their “Ellucian Support Center” you will also have access to the Ellucian “eCommunities”, a discussion board where you can share information with other Ellucian clients.