Login Troubleshooting


For most online services at K, you sign in with your username and password. This is sometimes called your KNET username, KNET ID, or KNET account.

Student usernames are like k21xx00 (where 21 is your year of entry, xx is your initials, and 00 is two digits). Employee usernames are often like khornet, where k is first initial, and hornet is the last name.

Proxy usernames are like lastname_f where f is your first initial.

Trouble signing in?

To troubleshoot, try signing into webmail. If your password has expired, you can change it at the update password page.


  • HornetHQ requires that all letters in your username be entered as lowercase (some mobile devices may automatically capitalize the first letter)
  • Some sites require you to sign in with an identifier other than your username. Examples:
    • eduroam requires you to sign in with username@knet.kzoo.edu
    • Office 365, Presence, and some other services require your long-form email address, like Kay.Hornet21@kzoo.edu for students or Kay.Hornet@kzoo.edu for faculty and staff
    • some computers may require you to prefix your username with knet\ to sign into some sites, like knet\username. If you’re sure you’re typing your username and password correctly and still can’t sign in, it’s a good idea to try the prefix knet\. Make sure you use the backslash (“\”) character, and not the slash (“/”) character. The backslash is often found above the Enter key on US keyboards.

Forgot your password?

If you forgot your password, please bring a photo ID to the Help Desk to get your password reset. If you’re unable to visit the Help Desk in person, you can learn more about your options on our Accounts and Passwords page.