Course Section Distribution Groups

What is a course section distribution group?

A course section distribution group (a class alias) is an email distribution group that makes it easy for instructors and students to communicate within their course sections. Membership includes each section’s instructor and students, is updated nightly at 4 a.m.

How do I email my current class?

Example: to email section 4 of Geography 101, you would email

Are this quarter’s lists ready yet?

These lists are automatically generated starting at 35 days prior to the start of the Fall quarter and 3 days prior to the start of Winter and Spring quarters. Quarter start dates are set by the Registrar’s office. When a new quarter’s lists are created, the previous quarter’s lists remain available using a term-specific list (though First Year Seminar lists remain untouched for the entire academic year).

Term-Specific Lists

Beginning with Spring 2020, you will be able to email term specific classes. These groups will be created for the current term and, as classes become available, for the coming future term. 

The format for these new lists are, where Term is the 4 digit year and a two character quarter abbreviation (wi, sp, fa). For example:


Class aliases are not case sensitive.