Distribution Groups for Campus Buildings

What is a building distribution group?

A building distribution group is an email distribution group you can join to receive updates about a campus building. Each group automatically includes all employees with an office in the building in question. Additionally, others can join the lists to receive updates about a building of interest. For instance, an OU professor might teach in ULC, and might want to receive ULC updates.

The lists are updated nightly at 4:00 A.M. to include employees based on their office of record, as recorded with Human Resources.

Which buildings have distribution groups?

The groups available are:

  • Admission Building: AdmissionBuildingUpdates@kzoo.edu
  • Anderson: AndersonUpdates@kzoo.edu
  • Dewing: DewingUpdates@kzoo.edu
  • Dow: DowUpdates@kzoo.edu
  • Hicks: HicksUpdates@kzoo.edu
  • Humphrey House: HumphreyHouseUpdates@kzoo.edu
  • Light Fine Arts: LFAUpdates@kzoo.edu
  • Mandelle: MandelleUpdates@kzoo.edu
  • Olds-Upton: Olds-UptonUpdates@kzoo.edu
  • ULC: ULCUpdates@kzoo.edu

How do I know if my office of record is correct?

You can use the Faculty/Staff directory to find your office of record. If your office of record is incorrect, please use HR’s Office Information update form.

I looked at the members of my building list and I don’t see anyone in my building. What’s wrong?

Each building’s occupants are included automatically but are not listed. If you were to look at the members of one of these groups, you would see only the folks who had joined the lists explicitly.

How do I join a list for a different building?

You can email the Help Desk to join one of the lists. Just mention which list you wish to join.